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Snake Eyes Cult

Posted on 04 September 2019

When we started Born A Bad Seed it was kind of by mistake, we made one tee for ourselves, then another for a friend, then another, and another. For a long time there was't any money involved, it wasn't a business and we had no plans on making it one. We strictly traded or gave away the tees as a way to swap goods with other talented female makers and support a growing community of badass women. Although at some point we couldn't continue to give the shirts away, our philosophy behind the brand remains the same - to empower and support. This is why California based blog Snake Eyes Cult caught our eye. This week we're featuring the ladies behind it as our #WCW, read our interview with them below to find out why!
What is Snake Eyes Cult?
Snake Eyes Cult is a vintage fashion blog/website that's here to promote fun, rebellion, badass clothing, individual styles and hobbies & positive vibes for women. The crazier, the better. We love havin' a good time with it!!

Who’s behind it?
Two friends with the same visions:
Sarah Keener and Reva Sumarna (@sarahkeener @radreva)

When did you start doing Snake Eyes Cult & Why?
We started Snake Eyes Cult in September of 2015. We came together to make something fun that could blow off steam and get our mind off things.  We wanted to show our passion for clothing and pairing vintage with modern styles and our own twists. It got into taking pictures of our amazing friends and showing off their own unique styles, and that's when the site really took off. We had so much fun capturing our girlfriends in their favorite threads and boosting their confidence with some photos. Every girl loves having some photos to post ‘n look at! We wanted to try and be a positive reinforcement for women and show how it's important to band together. We collaborated and have reached out to so many creative women who share our same outlooks and styles and have helped us grow and reinforce those positive vibes.

A lot of your content seems to be posted purely to support other female run businesses, you use a lot of small brands in your photoshoots and keep up with WCW posts, (we love this), do you have any intentions of starting your own shop or online store in the future? If so, what would it be?
Possibly in the future! Right now we're loving working with the women-run businesses. We both have full-time jobs and try to fill up our weekends with shoots or chill time. We're working on having some t-shirts out soon to hand out to all the homies and women we've collaborated with, and maybe something will take off from there! If we ever opened up a vintage shop I’m sure it would be too hard for us to part with the pieces. We’d end up with empty bank accounts and zero closet space.
We love your photos, do you shoot them yourselves? If so, what do you shoot with?
Thank you! We do take all our own photos. We actually have a couple of cameras we use to get different effects. Mainly, we use a Cannon Rebel T5 DSLR, a Polaroid camera, and disposable cameras. Nobody really expects us to whip those out but they take amazing grainy photos. We both just bought some old school film cameras that we're hoping to learn about and use for future shoots!
What are your favourite albums you’re listening to right now?
Sarah: I love stoner metal, 70's psychedelic and some 60's garage punk. Right now I got these on repeat- Nebula: To The Center, Electric Wizard: Dopethrone, Fatso Jetson: Toasted!, Fu Manchu: The Action is Go, Kyuss: Welcome to Sky Valley, The Human Expression: Love at Psychedelic Velocity, Pentagram: Relentless, and Hawkwind: Space Ritual. I always have somethin' playing to jam to.
Reva: Stevie Nicks: Bella Dona, Black Sabbath: Volume 4 (DUH..), Pistol Annies: Hell on Heels, Zapp and Roger: Greatest Hits, Rosie & The Originals: Angel Baby… I could go on and on...OLDIES FOREVER
What are your favourite, could never let go of, vintage pieces you own?
Oh man, that's a hard one for both of us.
Sarah: I have an amazing burnt orange suede fringe 1940's coat I got from Shop That Smell that I will never get rid of. My 1920's 76 Station bomber with the hand embroidered logo across the whole back. My 1970's "stroller" dress that comes with a belt and a scarf, all in the same groovy funky print. My 70’s train conductor stripe jacket and brown suede blazer I got from Tomboy (our favorite local vintage shop). And last but definitely not least, I have a pair of 70's pony hair and real wood platforms. We definitely share love for anything old school Playboy. Couch print hats are my weakness..as weird as that is. I have so much vintage in my closet that I will never get rid of. It stings just thinking about it.
Reva: Absolutely could not part with my vintage staples. My cow print fringe jean jacket, Levi's cut off shorts, and my 70's burnt orange fur trimmed collared coat! I LOVE love love fur coats paired with favorite band tees- thrown on with some boots and I'm out the door!

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